Sunday, October 18, 2009

long time

so its been a while... everything has calm down and it became the best part of my life. we got back together and i can't be anymore happier. knowing the fact that i have my best friend and my boyfriend with me and supporting me all the way. taeyang is gonna have his solo soon!!!! can't wait. Jaebeom is gone from 2pm... which made me no longer loving them like i use to. Now i am somewhat into beast... b2st same shit. there songs are pretty nice. wanting 2pm to be at hollywood bowl but now.... if b2st was there i wouldn't mind. i would love to meet AJ and that other too. Im acddicted to oasis and bad girl. lol somehow those two songs are really appealing to me. i had a wonderful night with thee boyfriend. although it was just 2 3 hours but i still had fun. i love how we make fun of each other and talk about random stuff. that is the life i want to have... thats it for tonight... gnite all