Monday, March 29, 2010


omg i hate this so much.... my only day off i couldn't get shit done. how much i hate this. i wish i can drop the class so i can be less stressful. my whole break is only for one class n one class only. i can't even look over my midterm because of this class. grr how much i hate it. instead of learning the stuff i need i am learning how to fail n give up. one thing is not done the next is coming. then everything is stack on top of each other. how am i gonna manage to finish everything? with family issue, work, n this class. it is my fault to have all these problem. spring break... suppose to go somewhere but no... now im trapped at home n doing hw. how fun! i wish i never taken this class. someone else maybe should of taken strang again. at least he can help me. UGH!! im stressed out!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010


Some reading i've been doing for fun would be.... i havent been reading lately lol but some reading i did was twilight... lol its a really good book n i'll continue to read the other ones when i have the time too and plus the movie is coming out. i do a lot of reading like fan fictions. those are really entertaining when theres nothing to do.
A recent reading that i did for another class was pretty interesting to read. The book is call "Eat A Bowl of Tea" by Louis Chu its a really funny book, its hard to understand since its basically kind of like a translation of chinese to english. the dialog in the book its really weird but interesting and funny. Even the title is a bit odd but overall the book is really entertaining.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


hm... wikipedia a source for academic writing. hm... i have no idea which side to be on. for one thing, i know myself that i use wikipedia for my academic writing sometime especailly when i don't understand what a certain topic is. Plus, it is much easier to understand than other website. I guess, wikipedia should be a starting point, just to know the basic knowledge of a certain topic. Still Wiki is not a site that i truly trust, i usually check wiki first and then go to other sites to get more in dept of what wiki is trying to say.
But then again, there are some cons to wiki being an academic source. though, it does have references after a post have been posted up, but someone can easily change the post. It maybe legit in some senses but might as well just to go those sites to check the topic out itself.
to be continue.....