Sunday, January 31, 2010


Plagiarism is a word that I have heard of ever since I was young but never really knew the exact meaning until later when I got into high school when I sort of understand what it meant. Through the book "My Word," Susan Blum gave out a lot of samples of how people portray the word plagiarism. I thought it was interesting and how some people like Martin Luther King Jr. plagiarized too. So I really want to know what the line is or boundaries for plagiarism are.

In the introduction of the book, I like how Blum describes teenagers as being the wordiest generation ever. "They email, blog, and text message day and night. In some ways this is the wordiest and most writerly generation on a long while." when I was reading this part, I thought it was pretty funny, interesting, and yet true at the same time. It is funny because it is true how we text an email and Twitter a lot, but I never expected us teens today to write more than those of the other generation. Blum also mention how there is so much going in a teen's life that it is hard for us to actually sit down and think about each word we type and say is plagiarizing at all.

It is true that taking other people's work and taking the credit for yourself is wrong.  But citing normally people don't learn it until maybe they hit college. Just like me I didn't know the proper way of citing until I was a freshman in college. Yet I still don't know the "right" way of citing sources. Hopefully the book gives me some idea of citing the right way. It is interesting how Blum did her research, also knowing the fact that many intelligent people have also plagiarize on some way. Chapter 1 gave me a bit more understanding of what plagiarism is and yet in a way confuses me at the same time. Going back to my previous paragraph, I still don't know what is the boundary or line for plagiarism, which part is in the grey area and which part is not. 


Wednesday, January 27, 2010


how i love to be back in school NOT! though, winter break was kinda long in a way that i did wish to go back to school to see all my friends but then again i wished i had more time to do my own thing. the whole winter break i literally just worked. everyone who came back wanted to hang out but i was too busy with work. by the time they start school again i had time to hang out and everyone was back to school already... how sucky is that. but at least i get to see vivian before she went back to santa barbara. had a really fun time with her just like old days.Photobucket
Vivian and me best friend since thee 8th grade. tho both of us kinda went different ways and lost touch couple of times but we still manage to have a good relationship with each other. n Vivian i will definitely go to Santa Barbara to party with u lol 

it was my grandma's birthday last Sunday. its been a while since us cousins got together. but still missing ben. hopefully one year we will definitely get a pic of all the us. difference between the last cousin pic was that ben was in it n shirley wasn't instead, auntie Cindy was in it to replace Shirley. Also, Justin is in this one. the newest family member we have. n also watching Kaylee grow in each picture. Photobucket

time to sleep

Friday, January 8, 2010

So its been a while now since i last blog... its 2010 now and hopefully i have a new beginning. like everyone said 2009 isn't all that great. no excitement at all. 2009 is sooo last year lol. So for the past... 7 months i have been working at moonstar... in the beginning no one really talked to me or ask me to go anywhere. mayb i was embarrassing... iono. but these couple of weeks or maybe a month or so i've been getting closer to them people. everyone is really nice and friendly.. n guys... its the typical me saying if a guy talk to me they like me. I don't even understand why my brain functions that way. maybe because i never had someone who like me for me n not fell in love with thee o so sweet personality. lloyd doesn't count im actually trying to look for someone my parents would actually approve of. since i know for sure lloyd isn't someone they will approve. plus i know for a fact that lloyd n i isn't going to last with our schedule soooo packed...