Thursday, April 8, 2010

My college experience

Being at SFSU for almost two year now... is an experience that i did not expect. My first year at SFSU i like it, have classes that were really interesting and met a lot of new people. But my second year... is so not what i expected. Can't get any classes that i need, im not a full time student nor a part time. With the budget cuts and everything its so hard for me to even get 12 units. No teachers would add anyone. This made me think about taking a semester off, but i already pay for it might as well deal with it.
In My Word, Blum talks about how the application for students at Notre Dame was difficult and there were lots of competition. This made me think back to my senior year of high school. My high school was small and had a bad reputation,but this made my class motivated to go to good school to show other schools in the city that we can go to school with the education we got from this school. The application process for us was hard, since most of the people at my high school was mainly low income students, there were lots of times that we couldnt pay for the application fee because of our parents income. But it is somewhat a good thing for college.
Also reminds me when the month of college acceptation letters were coming. MY GOD that was the most stressful month ever. Some people were happy to the college they got into and others like me didnt like the rejection letter. SFSU was not the school i wanted to go to. Since it was close to home, I might as well. My first year was crazy, went to lots of party and try to entertain myself since im in the city. I bet the students at Notre Dame has different kinds of experience than the students at SFSU. It seems like Nitre Dame's students seems wealthy, so they must have a maybe a better education or more focus than students here. It also might be different for me since i pay for my education and work at the same time to pay for it, its more difficult for students like me to focus and work at the same time. Since the Notre Dame's student are mainly upper middle class, they might not have as much stress as students here do.