Tuesday, June 30, 2009

another day

Jenny woke me up this morning by texting me asking me what i was doing... i was so tired i didn't even know why but i was sleeping in between texts. today is just another day where i have nothing to do. I have a job but only on sundays and only for 3 hours. painting little kids face and hands are fun since i did like to draw a while back. i still do in a way but yea. finally paid my tution, with that i am somewhat relieve. i should start sleeping early and waking up early too. exercise more day and night since i have nothing to do at home anyhow. i'm so bored trying to find something to do instead of watching csi... its getting too much of the rountie now and its so... boring... so not new... i want something new and exciting. but that is not gonna happen. so yesterday, i slept at 6 in the morning and got up at 12 something. woken up by wendy. then went to eat at 2546 with popo, cal po, yinejia and wendy. had curry chicken. after we went to costco for some stuff then went home and chilled and did cross stitch. a little later went to popo to eat. played cards with wendy it was pretty fun went home and watch super trio season 8 so funny. played with kaylee a little later and talked on the fone with lloyd and went to sleep.... thats it for now.


Monday, June 29, 2009

all nighter

omg i can't believe i actually signed up for one of these things after i have so many. But o wells something new doesn't hurt. I need sleep at all suppose to sleep at like 3 like any other night but wasn't sleepy at all. So when it turned 5 i told myself that i shall sleep but i couldn't. and thought to myself y sleep? i don't have school or work tm.... so totally no point. I need to start working put again....been bugging me a lot lately.. i thought about getting braces tho my denist once told me that i don't need it cuz my teeth are pretty straight. the bottom is but the top isn't. i want to online shop again but have no money to pay for the card that imma use. gotta pay tution soon or else no school next semester. which totally sucks. but then again i rather work. to me i have not that kind of girl/person that likes school a lot. i like to have fun and meet new people. i start writing again. hopefully this one many people will like and not leave in the middle of the process of the story. o wells that last one wasn't at that great anyhow. well i think imma nap now... my eyes are closing.