Monday, March 22, 2010


Some reading i've been doing for fun would be.... i havent been reading lately lol but some reading i did was twilight... lol its a really good book n i'll continue to read the other ones when i have the time too and plus the movie is coming out. i do a lot of reading like fan fictions. those are really entertaining when theres nothing to do.
A recent reading that i did for another class was pretty interesting to read. The book is call "Eat A Bowl of Tea" by Louis Chu its a really funny book, its hard to understand since its basically kind of like a translation of chinese to english. the dialog in the book its really weird but interesting and funny. Even the title is a bit odd but overall the book is really entertaining.

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  1. Cool!! Another book to add to my 'interested in reading' list. Just the description of the book sounds interesting.
    I'll admit, that I love reading some (ok, a lot more than some)fan fiction between different readings for class.