Monday, March 29, 2010


omg i hate this so much.... my only day off i couldn't get shit done. how much i hate this. i wish i can drop the class so i can be less stressful. my whole break is only for one class n one class only. i can't even look over my midterm because of this class. grr how much i hate it. instead of learning the stuff i need i am learning how to fail n give up. one thing is not done the next is coming. then everything is stack on top of each other. how am i gonna manage to finish everything? with family issue, work, n this class. it is my fault to have all these problem. spring break... suppose to go somewhere but no... now im trapped at home n doing hw. how fun! i wish i never taken this class. someone else maybe should of taken strang again. at least he can help me. UGH!! im stressed out!!!

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