Saturday, March 6, 2010


hm... wikipedia a source for academic writing. hm... i have no idea which side to be on. for one thing, i know myself that i use wikipedia for my academic writing sometime especailly when i don't understand what a certain topic is. Plus, it is much easier to understand than other website. I guess, wikipedia should be a starting point, just to know the basic knowledge of a certain topic. Still Wiki is not a site that i truly trust, i usually check wiki first and then go to other sites to get more in dept of what wiki is trying to say.
But then again, there are some cons to wiki being an academic source. though, it does have references after a post have been posted up, but someone can easily change the post. It maybe legit in some senses but might as well just to go those sites to check the topic out itself.
to be continue.....

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  1. Keep in mind that no one is suggesting that students stop using Wikipedia altogether; some schools just want to ban students from using it as a cited source in academic papers. That ban would in no way prevent students from using Wikipedia to figure out an unfamiliar topic.