Thursday, May 6, 2010

USU! Aggies!!

I am soooo happy!!! USU! i got accepted to USU! will be leaving some time in July or in the beginning of august. I can't wait. At the moment i am talking to the advisor to see what classes in order to finish over there. I am soo excited!! besides that i will miss working... with my wonderful co-workers! they were all soo supportive. Tho i have been sooo tired lately working and the stupid promotion. I am so glad today is the last day for it. I don't think i can take it anymore. Mother's day is coming up!! taking my mom out to dinner tm night since i have work on mother's day. -____- it will be mom, me, and kaylee since dad n brother will b in oregon for the weekend. sister in law will b at work. anyhow, i just don't know what to do with the housing thingy... there so much houses to choose from. lol i guess when i go over there for orientation i have to see which one works out. plus it seems really cheap... 1,000 split with 6-8 people i think its worth it. LA... i miss LA! it was a fun weekend and doojoon was sooo cute!! tho i think last year was much much more fun than this year. but we went to more places than we did last year. Hopefully next year will have better artist tho this year wasn't bad. hopefully BIG BANG!!!!! will go! finish watching g-dragon's concert it was good miss big bang can't wait til there big show concert comes out ima so get it! thats it for now... time for work xD

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